Musings from Indonesia: Kota Magelang

Kota Magelang resembles my little lovely hometown - Alor Setar - in many ways.

I left Alor Setar after secondary school to pursue my higher education as well as career in five other different territories/countries around the world – starting with Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the UK and again Singapore. The usual trajectory for a country girl seeking to maximize the odds of upward social mobility.

Coming to this small city at the southern part of Central Java reminds me of my very own lovely hometown which I grew up in, and defines who I become.

There is this small town charm here in Magelang where people are warm and friendly, cost of living is affordable, and good amenities are within proximity. Unlike Jakarta, people do not seem to be too unequal in this city. At least from a very superficial observation so far. Pace is slower, people have more patience, which is good for human sanity.

I do not know if I will ever go back and live in a small town at some point in my life. Maybe there will come a time when the hustles and bustles in big cities become too overwhelming for me to take.

But for now, I am savouring every moment here in Kota Magelang, and try my best to connect with the people around me.


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