Contemplation on karma

I was going through a rough stormy journey last week. It was almost like a sudden and impromptu verdict passed to the accused without prior hearings. I was unprepared, or rather, deluded to be unprepared due to ignorance, and completely taken aback.

As the waves subsided, I started contemplating about the concept of karma. And thinking about my own karma. There were no anger and blame. Perhaps being in a helping position in the past have helped me tremendously to enter into the stage of acceptance almost instantly. However I am still bogged down by curiosity, and definitely still having a sense of helplessness that stems from the lack of insight on the past. What have I done in my past lives to be subjected to what I am going through now? The truth is most of us do not know. There are so much information symmetry (exploiting a public policy concept between principals and agents) between our current live and our previous lives, our present consciousness and our past consciousness. The irony is that even though in this digital age information technology have allowed us to harness big data to amazingly predict the future, but we remain ignorant on many of our histories in the past.

Not that being able to see through our past lives is important, because the only moment that matters is the present. Not having the foresight, wisdom and ability to see through my past and future, present moment is the only moment that I can control, and make the best of it.

Maybe the ripening the karma is a good thing in the sense that it pushes us to become a better version of ourselves. To be kinder. To be more thoughtful and understanding. To be more emphatic. 

I do not know what my future holds. All I have in mind now is to live my present moment well, and to be grateful to what I still have and enjoy. This piece has lightened up my day and here's the link:

"Just meditate
 Concentrate on your breathing
 I only know.
 Listen and stay in peace as it is.
 Be the peace that you are,
 accept whatever you feel,
 and with the time, 
 all will heal."


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